Data Management

in Research and Development

The technological disruption described as Industry 4.0 is an ongoing development process that essentially involves the comprehensive integration of large amounts of data into the workflows of production, but also in research & development.

With our offer, we accompany companies and institutes active in R&D on the way to a comprehensive solution for their data management.

Development of Individual Solutions

Many existing data management solutions on the market are often only partially suitable, are too complex, or are out of the question for other reasons, such as lack of compatibility, high licensing fees, or inflexible customization options

From data acquisition, visualization and analysis to data integration and archiving, we offer our own software solutions tailored to the problem at hand.

The goal is always the optimal solution, i.e. cost-effective but comprehensive, easy to use but sufficiently complex to meet all required specifications. Our years of experience facilitate access to the working methods and needs of R&D departments. Our competence in dealing with the latest technologies enables us to develop sustainable solutions that can be relied upon in the long term.

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